What is Mobiwizard?

Mobiwizard is packed with fun and interactive courses on a variety of topics ranging from personal to professional development.

What is the minimum age required to subscribe to Mobiwizard?

You must be +18 or have received permission from a parent or legal guardian authorised to pay your bill.

Which devices are compatible with the service?

The service is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets. Al you need is a minimum 3G internet connection.

Does Mobiwizard use or share my account information?

No. We respect your privacy. Your account information is secure and not shared with any third parties. For more information about how your information is handled, please read our Privacy Policy.


How much does the service cost?

4 BWP per day 

How am I charged for the service?

Service fees are charged to your credit card or mobile phone bill based on your preferred payment method.

How do I know if my subscription has expired?

Your subscription will auto-renew and not expire unless you cancel it.


How do I contact customer care?

E-mail us at helpBW@mobiwizard-bw.com